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Factory Rituals

by AutopsiA

In Vivo 1 02:04
In Vivo 2 05:40


"...From industrial rhythms and dark ambient backgrounds to relentless choral swells and droning to dramatic stringed sequences, Factory Rituals brings about music that is rarely heard these days. Too many put too much faith in the technology they use today as a means to create great works of industrial noise and experimental compositions. However, with this journey into the birth of Autopsia, it is quickly seen that the tools readily available to most of us, perhaps even collecting the dust of time in the basements of friends and family, are capable of creating quality and fascinating works.
As with most music on this level though, there is definitely a spiritual synthesis to be found in Factory Rituals. It is more than noise, more than music, more than making a point. There are few projects today who can claim to have the same passion for what they do now 20 years later down the road as they did in their artistic birth. Simply put, its through this authentic manifestation of talent that Autopsia not only continues to compose great works of art, but continues to inspire its listeners now two decades later. If you don’t understand what I’m saying, feel free to check out the score artwork available for download with the album from their website. Intricate, beautiful, and strangely inhuman."
[Sage W., Heathen Harvest]
* * *
Vital Weekly 658
Although I tend not to make a habit out of this, mixing my reviews with personal petite histoire, here is a nice story, which recently came up in an interview on my own activities with cassettes in the 80s: "I didn't make a living out of it. I do remember wanting to put the cassette by Autopsia, and had no money, so I washed my fathers car and got 10 guilders, so I could xerox the covers." I could make as many as 200 cassette covers of the 'Vivo' cassette which Autopsia send me earlier. As far as I can remember it didn't have much info, and looking back I am not even sure if it was supposed to be released by me. The name Autopsia I picked up before and quite liked their sampling madness of orchestral tunes and industrial rhythms. I think much of my cassette ended up on the 'Wound' CD, released somewhere in the 90s. This download only release by Autopsia harks back to those glory days, and it was conceived for an exhibition in Belgrade in 1989, and contains 'sampler & computer free recordings' from 1985-1988. I assume it was made with splice and loop of good ol' reel-to-reel recorders. None of the seven pieces sound like the music I released, and seems to me, with the benefit of looking back, the forerunner or their early CD releases, like my beloved 'Death Is The Mother Of Beauty'. Quite orchestral, with humming and chanting voices, choir like and cerebral. This is still the Autopsia that I like, the one that leaps from memory, when I think of them. Static pieces with not many changes, but which have a trance like character. I gather if I would encounter this today for the first time, I would probably not like it as much, and denounce it to be 'gothic', but at the time I heard it first, I thought it was great, and now, twenty-five years it still stirs up good memories. (Frans de Waard) www.vitalweekly.net/658.html


released January 23, 1989

Illuminating Technologies Prague


all rights reserved



AutopsiA Praha, Texas

Autopsia is entertaining, lavish, educational and often quite funny. Autopsia is a tombstone on the grave of time.

Autopsia is archaeology. The discourse of the beginning and about the beginning.

At the beginning is Death.
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